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COREM was founded by Thomas Wattez, who wanted to contribute his vision of balance and sustainable development to all projects, with a multi-scalar, end-to-end approach. His involvement with associations and his position as a teacher enable him to share his experiences and learn from the new visions of tomorrow's increasingly versatile planners!

It was through these exchanges and open-mindedness that he identified the collaborators who make COREM the agency it is today.

COREM AMO, Thomas Wattez dirigeant


Le Directeur de mission

Mathieu Delattre COREM AMO


Programmiste / AMO


Programmiste / AMO


Chargé d’études

Our agency, which is very open to the outside world and to exchanges, takes on a student every year, who puts university courses into practice by becoming operationally involved in our assignments. We're also keen to open up an "action-research" type internship to explore the evolution of project engineering professions, the development of new tools or the integration of new challenges.

Each new collaboration with students is, for us, an opportunity to develop and grow our agency.

To each his own expertise

Thomas WATTEZ, Key contact of project management assistance

The Mission Manager

Senior Programmer

Lecturer, teacher

A geographer, urban planner and programmer, Thomas is the founding manager of COREM.

French northener by origin, roots and heart, he traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Oceania before returning to his homeland.

Geography, coastal planning and environmental and coastal law form the basis of his skills, which he has supplemented with specific training in environmental approaches, participative operations and urban planning along the way.

From project task officer to manager of an urban planning and project management unit in his home region of Hauts de France, he has experience of urban development projects, working with regional players, both public and private.


Programmer, Project management assistant

Study manager / project manager

Mathieu is the pillar of social engineering at COREM. As a study and project manager, he conducts programming studies for numerous customers with professionalism and key skills. Public consultation and citizen participation are its commitments and talents. A special educator for 15 years, Mathieu "met" geography and regional planning in the second part of his career. Today, as a member of the COREM team, he puts all his skills at the service of use-driven regional planning.


Programmer, Project management assistant

Project management and assistance managers

Martin is the Project Management and European Dimension pillar of the Corem team. His strengths are his recent and innovative training in regional planning, his in-depth knowledge of European dynamics and cultures, and his ability to organize international cooperation. For the past 2 years, Martin has been one of the driving forces behind COREM's development on European issues. He and his colleagues share the same multi-scalar, participatory vision of regional development.


Task officer

co-op student with a Master's Degree in Littoral and urban planning politics ULCO Dunkerque

Fanny's academic and associative experience strengthens the production capacity of the COREM team. Particularly interested in development, housing and soft mobility issues, she has already demonstrated her communication and participation skills. She is a full-fledged member of the COREM workforce.

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