International involvement - the Straits Committee

“Our involvement in the Straits Committee – a European network of regional planners”.

Around 50 participants representing 6 regions or departments from 4 different countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and France) gathered on July 6th, 2022 for a conference organized jointly by the Straits Committee and SFU.
Founded on the initiative of the regions bordering the Strait of Dover, which is home to some of the world’s busiest shipping traffic and is the main crossing point between continental Europe and the United Kingdom, the Straits Committee is a flexible cooperation body with no specific administrative structure: for the members of the Committee, cooperation can be integrated into the existing administrative practices and competencies of the regions and departments that make it up. In this way, the Committee helps to spread innovation from one region to another, and to develop better local solutions to economic, environmental and social challenges.

As part of its active involvement with the French Society of Urbanism (SFU), COREM spoke at the conference on the subject of maritime spatial planning. This is a key issue at European, national and regional level. The theme of our talk was crucial: faced with a society increasingly impacted by climate change, we wondered about the potential role of urban planners in the development of maritime spaces. Thanks to our involvement in networks of professionals specializing in maritime planning, we shared our vision of the role of the planner, underlining the importance of an innovative and adaptive approach in this field. The round-table discussion that followed our presentation provided an opportunity for enriching exchanges and debates with experienced and recognized players in the field of European maritime spatial planning, testifying to the urgency and complexity of the issues involved in maritime spatial planning.

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